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Winter Tea Collection (Tea Bag)

Warming collection of Winter Chai Teas by Fernweh Agro. Best Green Tea for Winter Season curated just for you. Experience a a blend of warmth and delight with a cup of tea in winter.


Contains : 20 Cups



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    Buy Winter Chai Tea Collection | Exclusive Green Tea for Winter Online

  • Description

    Winter Tea Collection sits beautifully against the cold weather blues. When the winter wind greets the shivering atmosphere, blanket the chill with these soul-warming beverages. 

    Fernweh Agro's assorted winter teas come in five selective flavors including Kiwi Tea, Strawberry Green Tea, Ayurvedic Healing Tea, Citrus Blast, and Ginger Tulsi Tea. This online teabag collection of winter chai is remedial, rich, zesty, and warming. Like the cozy warmth of sitting in front of the bonfire on a cold camping night, allow the sense to sing with fortifying joy as the palate embraces the amiability of the tea.  Winter Tea Collection comes in a two-part paper carton with a detachable top with descriptive illustrations on a white background. The infusion is featured in a tea bag form for quick and easy consumption; to deliver an instant hassle-free shelter from the cold chills. 


    Why Winter Tea Collection? 

    Fernweh Agro's Winter Tea Collection is a handpicked selection of flavors with premium taste and quality. It isn't just armour for the cold days; it also helps in keeping the body and mind healthy. These joyful tea samplers are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients to deliver maximum health rejuvenation. 

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