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Summer Tea Collection (Loose leaf)

Summer hums the joy of flowers and rainbows! Grab your sunhats and lotions, get creative with your senses, sip your favorites summertime teas with Summer Tea Sampler Collection by Fernweh Agro. 


Contains : 20 Cups



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    Summer Tea Sampler | Brewing Guide Loose Leaf Summertime Teas - Fernweh Agro

  • Description

    Fernweh Agro's selection of summer teas online refreshingly fascinates the body and the senses. It's the perfect summery beverage for every tea lover. The summertime tea collection is a mixture of mellow, floral, and sweet reveries. The collection contains ingredients including Melon Summer Breeze, Pineapple Gulati Am Panna Kesar Pista Green Tea And Alphonso Burst.

    The profile of the samplers is luscious and vibrant, glimmering with summer gloss. They are styled with distinct flavors, visuals, and aroma that resembles the excitement of summer thrills. The everlasting fashionable passion of travelling to places, thankfully, calls for many imaginative ways to do so even while at the comfort of stationed living. And, this collection of summer tea helps fulfil it through delicious sips that transports the senses to tropical havens. Make the summers memorable with the best of summer tea infusions from Fernweh Agro.


    Why Summer Tea Collection?

    A hot cup of tea during summertime works wonders on the body. But wait, there's more! Fernweh Agro's summer teas go either way. You can consume it hot to reveal your inner glow or brew it icy-cold for an instant gush of winter air. Hot or cold, this summer beverages lend the same flavor & rejuvenating benefits.

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