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Strawberry Green Tea (Tea Bag)

Delicious tang of strawberry fruit soaked organic darjeeling green tea. An ideal cup of dreamy strawberry green tea for those starry nights.


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Ingredients

  • Steeping Notes

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  • Description

    Unbelievably fresh and succulent felicity orchestrated with the delicacy of strawberries.

    Strawberry Green Tea seduces the palate with its juicy profile and fruity aroma. It treats both the palate and the sight with selective flavor melange. The infusion includes strawberry, organic green tea, rose petals, beetroot, apricots, apple, and vanilla, with strawberry & organic green tea as the starring ingredients. Strawberry Green Tea by Fernweh Agro justifies quality with its zesty, juicy notes and tropical aroma. It lends mixed hues of punch pink and raspberry red, further enhancing the appeal and celebration of the tea.


    Liquor exhibits a Cerise tone.



    Creamy, Strawberry aroma.


    Tasting Notes:

    Bequeathing the creamy aroma of strawberry blending with gratifying vanilla savour immersing with the first sip. The liquor flows proffering Citric tang and Strawberry nuance with a sweet and cloying creamy Vanilla taste.

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