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Rose Delight Assam Black Tea (Loose leaf)

Rose Delight is a special black tea that will carry you into the horizon, and leave you refreshed with a pocketful of roses. Let the sweet smell of roses gently cut through the soft music of milk tea and witness a fairytale rose milk tea experience.


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Ingredients

  • Steeping Notes

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  • Description

    Rose Delight Assam Black Tea is a stunning combustion of aromatic ingredients. The additional infusion of signature elements like cardamoms,beetroot, cornflower, and stevia leaf magnifies the eccentricity of the rose tea.An assembly of theses vivid flavours coalescing with rich Assam black tea as the base exposes the end result- a radical cup of tea.Rose Delight by Fernweh Agro is an inviting jump into a blushing bouquet that hypnotizes the senses with dreamy flavors.


    Fairy Tale tone..



    The rich creamy aroma of Rose.


    Tasting Notes:

    With a rich creamy aroma of Rose, the liquor gently glissades towards the palate inducing delightful tone of Rose and Milk, augmenting a clement character of Black Tea. The creamy sweet savour of Rose dwells around the palate for a while.

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