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Rose Delight Assam Black Tea (Tea Bag)

An ambrosial blend of Assam Black Tea and Rose, for milk tea lovers. Enjoy delightful flowery aroma of rose in your regular milk tea. 


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Ingredients

  • Steeping Notes


    Brewing Guide for Rose Delight Assam Black Tea - Fernweh Agro

  • Description

    A fragrant liquor spelled with zippy flavors and blossomy aroma with soft bubblegum hues adding to the beauty.

    Rose Delight Assam Black Tea strikes the senses with aromatic ingredients. It restores the calming bliss with flower power. The exciting infusion of rose petal, cardamom, beetroot, cornflower, and stevia leaf orchestrates the magnificence of the tea. Combined with the depth of Assam black tea at the base delivers eccentricity and deliciousness. Rose Delight by Fernweh Agro is an exhilarating rush of a garden, commanding the rose-colored dreams of the drinker.


    Fairy Tale tone..



    The rich creamy aroma of Rose.


    Tasting Notes:

    With a rich creamy aroma of Rose, the liquor gently glissades towards the palate inducing delightful tone of Rose and Milk, augmenting a clement character of Black Tea. The creamy sweet savour of Rose dwells around the palate for a while.

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    Rose Delight Assam Black Tea in Tea Bags & Loose Leaf

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