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Refreshing Tea Gift Set (Loose leaf)

A perfect tea gift set for tea lovers. An all-in one tea sampler pack consisting of refreshing teas made with love by Fernweh Agro.


Contains : 20 Cups



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    Refreshing Tea Gift Set | Brewing Guide Tea Sampler Pack Loose Leaf - Fernweh Agro

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    Love the idea of an instant awakening or know someone who would love it? Then this tea gift is an immediate 'must-have'. Refreshing Tea Gift Set from Fernweh Agro introduces a restoring freshness that enlivens the senses with a rushing spring of rejuvenation. A team of ten vibrant flavors represents the collection of refreshing teas in a loose-leaf form. They include Elaichi Spree, Jasmine Pearl Green Tea, Firenze Lavender Tea, Melon Summer Breeze, Maghrebi Mint Tea, Paan Tea, Rose Tea, -45 Degree Tea, Aam Panna, and Bleu Amor.

    These refreshing herbal tea infusions pour sunshine into the cup, allowing one to enjoy it anywhere and anytime. An inspiration to all in achieving a healthy state of mind and body, a fresh & light beverage to encourage the love of energised living.


    Why Refreshing Tea Gift Set?

    Why? Because it is free from caffeine, preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Fernweh Agro's refreshing tea collection is loaded with ample antioxidants and nutrients. It is organic, zesty, floral, woody, and all sorts of lovely. Serving health elixirs to tea lovers, this refreshing tea collection puts a smile on the face.

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