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Refreshing Tea Collection (Tea Bag)

An Ideal Tea Gift Basket for devoted tea lovers or can be a ravishing addition to you Tea Set Collection.


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Description

    Achieve instant awakening with tea gift baskets! This set of refreshing teas goes all the way whether it is for personal health revival or for gifting a loved one. These online tea bags from Fernweh Agro eliminates lethargy and instead fuels the mind and body with energy. The collection comes in ten rejuvenating flavors including Elaichi Spree, Jasmine Pearl Green Tea, Firenze Lavender Tea, Melon Summer Breeze, Maghrebi Mint Tea, Paan Tea, Rose Tea, -45 Degree Tea, Aam Paana, and Bleu Amor. The palate profile of the collection represents zesty, floral, woody, earthy, and more. A perfect starter pack for achieving a healthy physical & mental state.

    Refreshing Tea Collection comes in a two-part paper carton with a detachable top. The tea packet is of white background with descriptive illustrations on it. This tea set is a gift to all the tea lovers who take pleasure in the bosom of a great cup of tea.


    Why Refreshing Tea Gift Set?

    Refreshing Tea Collection from Fernweh Agro is high in antioxidants, free from preservatives & artificial sweeteners.

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