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Pineapple Oolong Tea (Loose leaf)

Enjoy fruity tang of Pineapple Tea, a heartfelt delight for Fruit Tea lovers. Pineapple fruit infused with Oolong Tea. A beaming tea for summer afternoon with refreshing Pineapple bliss.


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Ingredients

  • Steeping Notes


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  • Description

    Pineapple Oolong Tea holds multifarious flavours that generously agree with the soul. The tropical intoxication of pineapple is further styled with the elegant oolong and sweet apricots. Pineapple Oolong Tea by Fernweh Agro manifests hues somewhere halfway between dandelion and bumblebee yellow. It is a refreshing beverage with a soul-stirring aroma that keeps the mind and body amused right from the first sip till the last.


    Liquor splashes the Bumble Bee tone.



    The tangy aroma of Pineapple blending with the Oolong character of Tea.

    Tasting Notes:

    Besprinkling the tangy aroma of Pineapple coalescing with clement Oolong character, the liquor strews the palate engulfed in delectable Pineapple tone. Revealing the Citrus note, the liquor unrolls the remarkable Oolong character, splashing mellow Pineapple notes towards the end.

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