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Pineapple Oolong Tea (Tea Bag)

Nobility of Organic Oolong Tea infused with citrus-sweet tang of Pineapple fruit is what is means to be a bit mischievous and gentle. Drunk with flavor of citrus and sweet pineapple; musky darjeeling organic oolong tea is best companion on a gloomy day . 


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Ingredients

  • Steeping Notes

    Pineapple Oolong Tea | Brewing guide for organic oolong tea

  • Description

    A bold orchestra of flavors to house a cloud of tropical rejuvenation and fruity passion.

    Pineapple Oolong Tea bestows the palate with exciting flavors to deliver a stimulation of recreational delight. The tropical decoration of the tea consists of pineapple, oolong, and sweet apricots. Pineapple Oolong Tea by Fernweh Agro tinkles with dandelion-bumblebee yellow on coming together with boiling water. The tea refreshes the senses and keeps it young and dynamic through fruity aroma with light hints of pungent notes.


    Liquor splashes the Bumble Bee tone.



    The tangy aroma of Pineapple blending with the Oolong character of Tea.


    Tasting Notes:

    Besprinkling the tangy aroma of Pineapple coalescing with clement Oolong character, the liquor strews the palate engulfed in delectable Pineapple tone. Revealing the Citrus note, the liquor unrolls the remarkable Oolong character, splashing mellow Pineapple notes towards the end.

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