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Peruvian Dark Chocolate Tea (Tea Bag)

A tea specially made for you to enjoy Cacao cravings guilt free. Delicious Chocolate Flavor Chai Tea with enriching silky smooth chocolate fantasy mixed with organic darjeeling black tea. 


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Ingredients

  • Steeping Notes

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  • Description

    The seductive silkiness of the tea awakens the senses with irresistible desires to explore the incantations of dark chocolate magic.

    Peruvian Dark Chocolate Tea wins the hearts with chocolaty profile, picturesque visuals, and festive aroma. Surrounded by chicory, vanilla, organic green tea, and organic black tea, the profile brews with nutty, woody, and floral characters with slight hints of bitter undertones. Dark Chocolate Tea by Fernweh Agro is a selective infusion of ingredients to deliver the highest of satisfaction. Lending sunshine-like orange hues and roasty aroma, this dark chocolate tea serves as a perfect extravagance for ‘anytime’ delight.


    The liquor exhibits Peru colour.



    The delectable aroma of Dark Chocolate.


    Tasting Notes:

    Bequeathing mouth-watering scents of Dark Chocolate, liquor splashes the premium joyous savour of cocoa revealing the bitter some tones, while softly greeting the palate melding into a slightly sweeter chocolate flavour. Swirling across the ending note the liquor divulges Rich Black Tea character, leaning smooth delectation lingering around for a while, bursting the Christmas jollity through the senses.

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