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Paan Green Tea (Tea Bag)

Traditional Indian Flavor of Paan now bubbles in your cup of green tea. Made in natural gulkand ingredients of paan, savour the heritage and flavor in Paan Green Tea.


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Ingredients

  • Steeping Notes

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  • Description

    A beautiful crimson-colored beverage, staying true to the renderings of the traditional paan

    Paan Green Tea embodies the splashing flavors of betel leaves. The infusion is surrounded with organic green tea, rose petals, fennel, cardamom, dates, apricots, peppermint, and beetroot. The coming of these ingredients conjures distinct characters, lending a woody, nutty, and floral-fruity profile. Paan tea by Fernweh Agro sparkles with crimson hues and airs the aroma of paan with hints of Areca Nut scent.

    Allergen Advice:

    This product contains Areca nuts, Dates and Coconut.



    Liquor exhibits a Crimson tone.



    Betel Leaf aroma, blending with Areca Nut scent.


    Tasting Notes:

    Liquor splashes the Betel Leaf aroma, blending with a gratifying Areca Nut scent. The first nip pleasantly instigates sweet tang of Betel Leaf infused with Rose. Liquor gradually reveals the relish saffron flavours, melding into a delectable taste of cardamom, gliding towards a minty tang, with the succulent touch of Rose and Betel Leaf flavours, leaving the authentic Banarasi Paan taste, soothing the palate.

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