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-From the Tea diaries

Exploring the beauty of Thailand, we reached Chiang Mai, the historic city of Thailand located at the northern mountains. On our way to our next destination, Doi Suthep monastery, we lost our trail and ended up on the top of the mountain, far away from the monastery.

December cold winds gushing past our shoulders, shivering with cold, we sat at the edge absorbing the beauty of Chiang Mai. As the sun drowned below the horizon, the winds became harsh and freezing. In between those winds, a monk approached us with a kettle in his hands and a smile on his face. He greeted us with a hot beverage, the traditional tea of Chiang Mai. Sips of that elegant potion made the harsh winds hug us gently with a warmth of affection and serenity of delectation. The tea had love and beauty of Chiang Mai.

”Every tea has an essence of its place, feeling of rejoice, a soulful hug of love resides in this saucer of happiness.”

This was our vision which led to the inception of Fernweh Agro.                                                            

Dushyant Jharwal


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