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Originals Instant Coffee | 60 gm

Arouse the intriguing sentiments and awaken the senses with offerings of a delicious caffeine boost. Originals Instant Coffee by Fernweh Agro is made of the finest Arabica & Robusta beans. It carries the profile of classic coffees with cocoa notes with a dark chocolate taste, a medium to good body, and fair plus aroma.



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    Speaking to the popularity of the coffee lovers through the release of high-end quality & delectable taste offerings. A presentation of functional beverage, Originals Instant Coffee delivers a smooth and classic coffee flavor churned with prime blends of arabica and robusta beans.

    Fernweh Agro’s instant black coffees are activated with all the traits of classic characters. It holds rich amounts of powerful antioxidants which in return promotes energy and detoxification.

    The Originals Instant Coffee boasts a traditional consistency with features like cocoa notes and creamy chocolate flavors. Coffee lovers looking for the perfect caffeine buzz can now dive into the ease of this beverage that is packed with healthy ingredients. 

    Originals Instant Coffee is crafted using 100% blend of Arabica and Robusta beans along with other natural flavoring. The other offerings from Fernweh Agro also include King’s Classic Instant Coffee and Aventure Gold Instant Coffee.


    Place of origin: Handpicked from the coffee farms of India.

    Roast: Medium Roast, Blend of Arabica & Robusta Beans

    Cupping Notes: Slightly cocoa notes with dark chocolate taste.

    Body: Medium to good body, fair plus acidity, fair plus aroma, sweet and round

    Brewing Method: Add a tablespoon of coffee in 100ml of hot water/ milk.

    Add sugar or honey as desired*

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