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Organic Rose Green Tea (Tea Bag)

Organic Rose Tea blessed with enriching Organic Green Tea leaves, is a true delight for Rose Tea lovers. Blessed with multiple natural ingredients, Organic Rose Flower Tea rejuvenates your body and soul.


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Ingredients


  • Steeping Notes

    Organic Rose Tea | Brewing Guide for Organic Rose Flower Tea Bags

  • Description

    A musical beverage proffering a fruity-minty flavor for the beautification of health!

    Organic Rose Green Tea embodies a floral profile. The infusion is surrounded by rose petals, beetroots, fennel, and organic green tea. Rose flowers as the central concentration brings out the vibrance of the petals and the tenderness of the buds. A blossomy infusion by Fernweh Agro colossally nourishes the health with ruby rose hues, exotic characters, and rosy aroma.


    Ruby Rose Liquor.



    A pleasant Rose aroma.


    Tasting Notes:

    Enriching the gratifying Rose aroma, liquor splashes the palate enhancing the pleasant flavour of Rose, whirling with a rich Green Tea character balancing delectable savour, dallying for a while.

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    organic rose tea in tea bags | Rose FLower Tea

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