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Organic Ginger Tulsi Green Tea (Tea Bag)

Divulge in delectable taste of Organic Ginger Tulsi Green Tea to help relax your mind from anxiety and fight cold. Made with organic basil leaves and ginger, it provides a boost to your weight loss regime.


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Ingredients

  • Steeping Notes

    organic ginger tulsi tea to help cure cold, prevent anxiety & accelerate weight loss

  • Description

    The generosity of ginger is combined with holy basil leaves to deliver an aromatic cup of tea richly loaded with healing properties.

    Organic Ginger Tulsi Green Tea propagates the promotion of healthy living by delivering healing properties in a cup. The infusion surrounds the collision of ingredients robustly known for their medicinal characters- ginger, tulsi, and green tea leaves. A restorative drink holding sweet-peppery notes with mild hints of lemony zest and a dreamy visual of candlelight hue, Ginger Tulsi Tea by Fernweh Agro refuges the health with remedial kindness.





    Basil leaf, Ginger and Cloves.


    Tasting Notes:

    Impelling towards the punch, liquor reveals piquant aroma of a basil leaf with mighty ginger clove flavour. Slugging the first sip bequeaths sweet ginger savour moving through the palate gives delightful basil leaf taste. Leading towards the ending note it proffers delectable flavour of basil leaf while a pleasant sweet basil leaf taste dallies around for a while.

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    Ginger Tea for anxiety, cold & weight loss

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