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Organic Chamomile Green Tea (Tea Bag)

Organic Chamomile Green Tea is a marvelous beverage loaded with character of purity. It is a cup of sunshine to give you a moment of solace whenever you need it. Singing with medicinal benefits, this tea is a golden combination of simplicity and expressivity.


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Ingredients

  • Steeping Notes

    Organic chamomile green tea | chamomile flower tea bags brewing guide

  • Description

    A vivid ocean of bright flavors surrounded with velvety, honey-like sweetness and soft-floral aroma.

    Organic Chamomile Tea lends orbital healing to the senses with sensual characters extracted from chamomile flowers and organic green tea. The tea holds a bold flavor-mix of chamomile and Darjeeling teas. It produces yellow dandelion hues and airs floral aromas. Chamomile tea by Fernweh Agro is packed with healing properties for the promotion of a healthy mind and body.


    The liquor exhibits Dandelion tone.



    The floral aroma of Chamomile.


    Tasting Notes:

    Titillating the senses with the winsome floral aroma of Chamomile, the liquor whirls around the palate enriching Green Tea character emanating the sweet Chamomile taste, dallying around for a while.

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