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Meraki Tea 500 GM | CTC Milk Tea

(N.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love.

A dynamically zesty cup of milk tea for the fiercely passionate lot! Fashioned straight from the Himalayan foothills, Fernweh Agro presents the perfect chai tea served with supreme love to rouse your inner aesthetic.



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    Meraki Tea by Fernweh Agro reflects the beauty of nature and creativity coming together as one to deliver the best of what ctc tea leaves have to offer. It is a splendidly uplifting milk tea beverage formulated with the healthiest ingredients. This milk tea retains innovative, delicious notes and evocative aroma, reflecting the symbols of the word it takes inspiration from.

    Leave a trace of your love in everything you do, perform passionately with creativity whether it’s a chore or two!

    Inspired by the word “Meraki”, the milk tea channels creative innovations. It is high in fiber content, and is influenced by many health-benefiting ingredients to justify liquor aesthetics. Being an evangelist of high-quality ctc teas, Meraki Tea by Fernweh Agro is ethically sourced from artisan farmers around India.

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