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Melon Summer Breeze Green Tea (Tea Bag)

Truly justifying to it's name; Melon Summer Breeze is a summer paradise. Revitalizing green tea submerged with summer fruit desires, melon tea refreshes your body and soul from it's very first nip.


Contains : 20 Cups 



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  • Ingredients

  • Steeping Notes

    summer fruit green teas

  • Description

    An atmosphere of a tropical breeze to win over the dullness of summer heat by scattering the sensations of ‘cool mode’.

    Melon Summer Breeze Green Tea confronts the discomfort of summer blues with cooling confetti. This scrumptiously playful fruit tea helps in distressing and allows long moments of ‘chill’ through the infusions of various refreshing ingredients. Melon Tea by Fernweh Agro transforms the mundanity with fruitilicious flavor and sweet-watery aroma. The tea lends a yellowish base with mild tints of white. One is intended to fall in love with the beverage in a hot or cold form of deliverance.



    Liquor exhibits a canary tone.



    The sweet aroma of musk melon.


    Tasting Notes:

    Impelling towards the punch, liquor reveals the sweet aroma of musk melon reminding the summer season. Slugging the first sip bequeaths a flawless taste of musk melon moving through a palate gives a cloying taste. Leading towards the ending note, liquor divulges rich green character with mild refreshing watermelon savour while a pleasant sweetness dallies around for a while.

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    melon summer breeze green tea in tea bags

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