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Kiwi Green Tea (Tea Bag)

A delicate infusion of savouring Kiwi Fruit and scrummy green tea. Kiwi Tea delivers on its name; a pleasant blend of natural and pure Kiwi fruit, with goodness of green tea. Mouth-watering as its name, no need for any introductions.


Contains : 20 Cups 



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  • Ingredients

  • Steeping Notes

    kiwi tea in tea bags brewing guide

  • Description

    The attentive devotion of interesting infusion expressed in pleasant and refined flavors to deliver the maximum pleasure.

    Kiwi Green Tea lends a creamy explosion of aromatic zest and a sweet-citrusy character. Surrounded by the infusion of rose petals, cardamom, stevia leaf, apricot, and organic green tea, the tea draws a seductively vibrant profile. With its lending of pastel green hues, rejuvenating flavors, and citrusy aroma, Kiwi fruit tea by Fernweh Agro is a refreshing treat for every tea lover.


    Macaroon Creamy Liquor.



    Cardamom blending with Kiwi.


    Tasting Notes:

    A blend of Cardamom and Kiwi, soothing the senses effusing a nectarous aroma. Liquor starts off savoury-sweet tang of Kiwi, gliding through the palate revealing the citric flavour complementing mild essence of Rose and Cardamom, leading towards a placid, sweet and citric delectable ending note.

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