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King's Classic Instant Coffee | 25 gm

King’s Classic Instant Coffee is an invitation to all the coffee lovers to indulge in coffee powder packed with nourishing ingredients. Nurse a cup of instant coffee and stride the senses with a promise of fulfilling flavors. An energizing awakening with aromatic smell, aesthetically pleasing visuals, & rich palate notes made from special selection of Indian Coffee Beans from Fernweh Agro.



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    It is always a satisfying delight to have a cup of perfect coffee. And thanks to King’s Classic Instant Coffee, the consumption of scrumptious caffeine in a traditional form but without the hassle of preparation is now easily possible.

    The undeniable love for coffees by many inspires the creation of this Indian coffee made with the finest of arabica & robusta blends. King’s Classic Instant Coffee by Fernweh Agro boasts the versatility of drinking it as a hot brew or a cold brew. 

    Featuring cocoa notes with a dark chocolate taste, the product offers a delicious way to fulfil caffeine cravings without traces of unpleasant bitterness. Medium roasted, fair plus aroma, fair plus acidity, and 'medium to good' body are further, some of the other offerings of the product.

    King’s Classic Instant Coffee represents the conventional forms of coffee with unconventional fusions, including the inclusion of superfood ingredients.


    Place of origin: Handpicked from the coffee farms of India.

    Roast: Medium Roast, Blend of Arabica & Robusta Beans

    Cupping Notes: Slightly cocoa notes with dark chocolate taste.

    Body: Medium to good body, fair plus acidity, fair plus aroma, sweet and round

    Brewing Method: Add a tablespoon of coffee in 100ml of hot water/ milk.

    Add sugar or honey as desired*

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