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Herbal Tea Collection (Tea Bag)

An astounding collection of Slimming Herbal Green Teas to nurture your health. A heaven's delight for weight loss and fight diabetes. Made with ayurvedic ingredients, these natural herbal green teas provides relief from various ailments and strengthen immunity.


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Description

    'Good health is the best wealth', let that line sink in as you allow yourself to sink into the goodness of healing beverages. A daily dose of healing is necessary to keep the illnesses far away, and Fernweh Agro's herbal tea collection in teabag form is made from a blend of curative ingredients to deliver that. Containing no preservatives or artificial flavorings, these herbal teas are organic and loaded with antioxidants & nutrients, making them a fine remedial liquor. They help in fighting the dangerous threats of allergies, infection, and other unpleasant ailments.

    The flavors surrounding the collection include Ayurvedic Healing Tea, Bleu Amor, Organic Chamomile Green Tea, Chiang Mai Blue Tea, Ginger Tulsi Green Tea, Guava Moringa Tea Infusion, Hawaiian Rosella Tea, Jasmine Pearl Green Tea, Firenze Lavender Tea, and Afrikaans Rooibos Tea.


    Why Herbal Tea Collection?

    Presenting traditional herbal teas but with a touch of scrumptious flair, Herbal Tea Collection from Fernweh Agro is the result of healing herbs and delicious ingredients infused together. Herbal teas are known to help in weight loss, slimming and toning, keeping the gut system healthy, reducing cold & sore throats, eliminating headaches, etc.

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