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Herbal Tea Collection (Loose leaf)

Herbal Tea collection by Fernweh Agro is powered by the strength of Ayurveda. Free yourself from the chains of discomfort with this healing herbal tea infusions. A collection of carefully crafted herbal teas for happy health and a happy mind! End your search for relief with this remedial infusion of herbal teas.


Contains : 20 Cups



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    Herbal Tea | Brewing Guide for Loose Leaf Herbal Inusion Teas - Fernweh Agro

  • Description

    Fernweh Agro's herbal tea collection is made from a blend of curative ingredients. The infusions include Ayurvedic Healing Tea, Bleu Amor, Organic Chamomile Green Tea, Chiang Mai Blue Tea, Ginger Tulsi Green Tea, Guava Moringa Tea Infusion, Hawaiian Rosella Tea, Jasmine Pearl Green Tea, Firenze Lavender Tea, and Afrikaans Rooibos Tea. These herbal beverages act as an instant hit with the necessary dose of 'healthy'. With ‘healthy’ intention in mind, the herbal collection contains no preservatives or artificial flavors.

    Not a fan of running marathons or sweating it out? Make it up by drinking herbal infusions powered with remedial properties; every small effort counts. A generous giver of immunity, these herbal teas are a perfect addition for healthy living and daily healing.


    Why Herbal Tea Collection?

    Fernweh Agro boasts a zealous twist on classic remedial drinks. This collection containing sample packs of different herbal teas are formulated with health-boosting ingredients along with other exotic ingredients. It is packed with abundant antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals to help fight the agony of seasonal allergies, diseases, and infections.

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