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Floral Collection (Tea Bag)

A Tea Collection packed with exclusive Floral Tea Blends crafted by our connoisseurs. Ambrosial soul of flower and teas blended to perfection to deliver succulently flavorsome and fragrant tea cups worthy of you.


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Steeping Notes

    Floral Tea Blend cup shots

  • Description

    Reveal the inner beauty with Fernweh Agro's Floral Tea Collection. The tea blends surrounding the collection include Rose Green Tea, Organic Chamomile Green Tea, Hawaiian Roselle Tea, Jasmine Pearl Green Tea, and Firenze Lavender Tea. These floral beverages in teabag form are organic and free from every sort of preservatives. Experience the feeling of dallying in a blooming garden with a pretty selection of flower-inspired liquor from Fernweh Agro.

    Floral Tea Collection comes in a two-part paper carton with a detachable top with descriptive illustrations on a white background. This tea collection is a transforming potion, fulfilling the required daily dose of 'healing & beauty'.


    Why Floral Collection?

    Floral beverages are delicious to consume, but they are also known for their remedial benefits. They help relieve stress & anxiety, strengthens the immune system, aids in weight loss, and awakens the mind.

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