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Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Second Flush Tea (Tea Bag)

Gardened during the second flush tea of the harvest season, the fresh black tea leaves adorned in silver tips are dried to let it bloom beautifully as a perfect cup Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Second Flush Tea.


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Ingredients

  • Steeping Notes

    darjeeling second flush tea brewing guide

  • Description

    A bold infusion of muscatel, full-bodied, and fruity flavor.

    Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Second Flush Tea mimics the lovely desires of summery melodrama. The essence of the second harvest tea leaves bearing a strong yet smooth flavor is reflected in the matured and robust characters of this tea. Second Flush Tea by Fernweh Agro boasts intense muscatel flavors, strong leafy aroma, and coppery-coloured visuals. Because of its profound profile, the tea matches just right while sipped side by side with sweet bakery treats!


    Tippy Greenish Leaf.



    Bright Coppery Infusion.



    Light Yellow Liquor



    Leafy Aroma


    Tasting Notes:

    Infused with a mellow leafy aroma, the liquor glides past the palate, bequeathing a mature taste complementing the Rich character of Darjeeling Second Flush Tea, fusing with a sweeter tone as the liquor dwindles towards the ending note.

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    second flush tea guide

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