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Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Moonlight Black Tea (Loose leaf)

Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Moonlight Tea is a reflection of the snow-kissed mountains. It is a timeless cup of healthy brew that spews with delicious undertones of sweet and citric fruits. It is gentle on the mouth and leaves you with a feeling of the sweet winter fling.


Weight : 100 gm / 50 Cups



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    Darjeeling Uppercrust Organic Moonlight Black Tea | Brewing Guide for Loose Leaf - Fernweh Agro

  • Description

    Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Moonlight Black Tea evolves from the inspiration of the smallest planets beauty and love. The tea leaves are carefully plucked under the moons milky glow to place moonlight melodies on the tongue of the sipper.Organic Moonlight Black Tea by Fernweh Agro, like the moon, is soothingly invigorating. It has a mild sweet-citrusy aroma that rises off the rippling hues of dark amber and golden undertones.


    Tippy Greenish Leaf.



    Bright Coppery Infusion.



    Light Yellow Liquor


    Tasting Notes:

    During the shiny nights, while the sky is clear and the moonlight kisses the floors of the magnificent tea gardens, parturition of the traditional Moonlight Black tea takes place. This magnificent offspring of nature comes to life during the full moon night kissed with the delectable effulgence. Infused with a majestic Moonlight aroma the liquor appeases the palate ceding the Rich Character of the traditional Darjeeling Tea melding into a sweeter tone towards the ending note. The delightful savour lingers around the palate for a while.

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    darjeeling moonlight tea

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