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Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Tea Collection (Tea Bag)

The pride of Darjeeling hills is fulfilled by Fernweh Agro’s exclusive Darjeeling Organic Teas. Aroma that smells like a mountain’s smile & taste that tastes like the nature’s hug! Exclusive Organic Tea Sample Pack Collection just for you.


Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Steeping Notes

    darjeeling upper crust organic tea online

  • Description

    Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Tea Collection from Fernweh Agro consists of green tea, white tea, and black tea in tea bag form. The profile of the collection samples light-coloured infusion, floral aroma, muscatel palate notes, and more.

    These Darjeeling tea sample packs are organic, premium, and delicious. A fine selection of seven flavors represents the collection. They include Organic Green Tea, Organic Moondrop Tea, Organic Moonlight Tea, Organic Silver Frost White Tea, Organic Second Flush tea, Organic Black Tea, and Organic First Flush Tea. Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Tea Collection comes in a two-part paper carton with a detachable top with descriptive illustrations on a white background.


    Why Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Tea Collection?

    Darjeeling teas are high in antioxidants which are healthy essentials for the body. Darjeeling teas are also known to help in reducing the risks of cancer, relieving stress, speeding up the metabolism, and enhancing blood circulation.

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