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Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Black Tea (Tea Bag)

Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Black Tea is dressed in musky and smooth musical overtones. Safe to call it one of the best black tea around the globe, the bright scrumptious flavor leaves the palate refreshed and energized.


Contains : 20 Cups



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    A scrumptious cup of tea that gracefully spumes with a delicate aroma and succulent flavor.

    Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Black Tea contains the organic freshness of the natural tea leaves. The characters of the tea orbits around musky notes and nostalgic aroma. When infused with water, the tea reflects an aureate radiance. A fulfilling beverage crafted with leaves collected from the luscious tea gardens of Darjeeling hills to give the drinker a mesmerizing tea experience.

    Fernweh Agro celebrates the delicious infusion of Darjeeling Upper Crust Organic Green Tea in a charming white box embellished with product elaborations. The elegant cubic chiseling of the packaging matches the excellence of the flavors within



    Tippy Greenish Leaf.



    Bright Coppery Infusion.



    Light Yellow Liquor.

    Tasting Notes:

    The profound aroma of coconut invigorates the olfaction with savoury coconut water, the liquor subsides leaning towards a clement Green Tea character, engendering the refreshing coconut water taste dwelling around the palate.

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