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Coconut Cracker Green Tea (Loose leaf)

Flower your health with this absolutely delicious Coconut Cracker Green Tea. Two of the healthiest drinks coming together to nourish your existence- hydrate and rejuvenate both your physical and mental health!


Contains : 20 Cups


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  • Ingredients

    Green Tea  Coconut Apricot  Avocado  fennel  Cashews  banana

  • Steeping Notes


    Coconut Cracker Green Tea | Brewing Guide for Loose Leaf - Fernweh Agro

  • Description

    Coconut Cracker Green Tea is a vibrant tea that is divinely paired with the unique flavors of various ingredients. The tea celebrates a classic beverage with infusions of coconut, apricots, avocado, organic green tea, bananas, cashews, and fennel to scatter the goodness of fruity, savoury, and nutty expressions over the surface of the palate. This scrumptious blend makes the tea a well-serving beverage loaded with rich nutrients and creamy-exotic aroma.

    Coconut Green Tea by Fernweh Agro blesses the sight with elegant ivory tone and transports the senses with beachy-nutty aroma. A brilliant finish of carefully selected ingredients to mimic the closest thing to paradise delight.

    Health Benefits:

    Coconut makes a great addition to a balanced diet. They are rich in nutrients and provides the body with saturated body fat, proteins and many essential minerals.


    Organic Darjeeling Green tea

    Honour yourself with a miracle herb- Green Tea, it could help stop premature skin ageing and improve brain functioning. This ingredient comes up with an ample of benefits.



    Rich in Vitamin E and Antioxidants, almonds can lower cholesterol levels and affect weight loss.



    A banana a day could help you beat gastrointestinal issues and aid digestion. It also provides instant energy and is considered a stable diet.


    Allergen Advice:

    This product contains Almonds, Cashews, Coconut and Avocado.


    The liquor exhibits an Ivory tone.


    Nutty aroma of Coconut.

    Tasting Notes:

    The profound aroma of coconut invigorates the olfaction with savoury coconut water, the liquor subsides leaning towards a clement Green Tea character, engendering the refreshing coconut water taste dwelling around the palate.

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    coconut loose leaf green tea


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