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Citrus Collection (Tea Bag)

Wake up and get going with a wide collection of crazy citrus flavored teas sample pack by Fernweh Agro. Shake fresh the senses with the citrus current in every sip! A Gift Box for any occasion.


Contains : 20 Cups


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    assorted tea gift box

  • Description

    Citrus beverages are like energy bars but in liquid form loaded with ample antioxidants. From Fernweh Agro, this assorted collection of citrus tea contains rejuvenating health boosters that renew the mind and body. The Collection is defined by gathered blends of Aam Panna Tea, Afrikaans Rooibos teas, Alphonso Burst Tea, Bleu Amor, Citrus Blast, Hawaiian Roselle Tea, Kiwi Tea, and Firenze Lavender Tea. These flavors sample fresh & zesty melodies, staging pure heaven in a cup. They further profile palate notes of spicy, floral, & tangy, and lends refreshing aromas.

    Citrus Collection comes in a two-part paper carton with a detachable top with descriptive illustrations on a white background. Given the pretty gift box features, they also make an excellent gifting choice. Drive the senses on a fruity vacation with this collection bubbling with tangy love!


    Why Citrus Collection?

    Citrus fruits are rich in fiber and vitamins, and citrus teas are the same except it has the additional benefit of generous antioxidants. The health benefits may include strengthened immune system, weight loss, improved skin health, and more.

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