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Citrous Blast Green Tea (Loose leaf)

A pleasant grenade of citric fruit tea with delicate yet exquisite taste- Citrus Blast uplifts the spirit like mountain breeze swooping off crimson spring leaves. Dressed with dozens of nutrients and amino acids, this citrus tea is ‘the’ revolution of tea.


Contains : 20 Cups


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  • Ingredients

  • Steeping Notes


      Citrus Blast Green Tea | Brewing Guide for Loose Leaf - Fernweh Agro

  • Description

    The tea dances with zest, sings with a citrusy aroma and has a warm reflection of creamy yellow tones.

    Citrous Blast Green Tea comes with a zesty affair, well-loved for its flavor and aroma. The infusion of organic green tea, green mango, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, orange, and plum acts as a marvel combination to spread effective health benefits.

    Citrous blast by Fernweh Agro garners love and adoration through exotic deliverance. Its pleasantries wheel around sweet-tangy notes with slight hints of bitter undertones, warmly comforting visuals, and sharp citrusy fragrance that stirs luxurious sensations. This fruit tea upon submerging in water brings to the surface the impact of healing & soothing to help blossom the health and mind.



    Laguna tone.



    Citric aroma.

    Tasting Notes:

    Enriched with the citrus aroma, liquor splashes across the palate, revealing a blasting citrus tone, soothing the senses, the fresh piquancy of liquor glissades towards the ending note, letting a citric tone dawdling across for a while.

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    citric fruit tea

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