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Chiang Mai Blue Tea (Tea Bag)

A delicious detoxifying tea from the old world and fortunately just as delicious till date! Chiang Mai Blue tea is known for treating health problems. It detoxifies the body and revitalizes it. Enjoy this bright famous Thai Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, and wash away the yesteryear’s ailments.


Contains : 20 Cups


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  • Ingredients

    Butterfly Pea Flower


  • Steeping Notes

    detoxifying tea

  • Description

    A trophy beverage profiling earthy flavors, electric hues, and misty aroma.

    Chiang Mai Blue Tea is an attractive drink with an intense flavor depth and mesmerizing looks. The tea contains ample health benefits and colour-changing charm. Butterfly Pea Flower Tea by Fernweh Agro gracefully carries subtle but powerful tasting notes with delicate floral aroma, and lends a violetish blue visual. Gathered from the tea valleys of the Chiang Mai province, this fancy tea holds prolific remedial properties for generous rejuvenation of health.


    The liquor exhibits the majestic Indian Ocean tone.



    Delightful Blue Tea aroma.

    Tasting Notes:

    Exhibiting bright Indian Ocean Tone, liquor glissades through the palate swirling with the traditional Blue Tea savour, revealing a clement blue tea character. Escalation of flavour can be accomplished prepending citrus note to the liquor enhancing purple tone, divulging a piquant savour dallying across the palate.

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    Detoxifying Chiang Mai Blue Tea

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