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Aam Panna Mango Green Tea (Tea Bag)

Take a mouthful of tropical love of mango with the infamous desi Aam Panna tea. Celebrate every moment with this peppy passion of raw mangoes! An exotic Mango tea for your Tea collection. 


Contains : 20 Cups


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    Channeling the electric zest of raw mangoes to personify the anthem of stimulating pleasures.

    Aam Panna Mango Green Tea is a punchy infusion of green mango, organic green tea, apricot, black pepper, spearmint, and cumin seeds. These ingredients are selectively matched to produce the finest beverage delight. The tea embodies aesthetic characters of different flavors that evoke the feeling of soothing nostalgia. Raw Mango Tea by Fernweh Agro flirts with the palate with tangy-zesty notes, dreamy shades of golden-yellow visuals, and refreshingly enchanting aroma.


    Hazy flavescent liquor.



    Mint and Green Mango.

    Tasting Notes:

    The piquant aroma of Green Mango, harmonising with the whiff of Mint, drizzles through the senses. A classic blending of complementary homemade flavour engrossing citric savour of Green Mango, brush across the palate. The liquor leads with a Citrus Flavour culminating with flaky mild and the ideal Green Tea Character discerning Green Mango towards the ending note. The classic Aam Panna savour lingers around the palate for a while. 

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