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Teazak Sweet Flavors

Sweet tea is always one of the most rejuvenating ones to relish your taste buds. Whenever you hear sweet tea, the first thing that strikes our mind is iced tea. However, a hot freshly brewed cup of sweet tea sounds equally relaxing. We at Fernweh Agro, offer you ample flavours of sweet tea to buy including coconut cracker, Kashmiri Kahwa, green tea among many others at our online store. So, why not relish every sip of the enriching sweet tea to the core.

Steeping Notes:

If brewed properly, the sweet tea can be even more relishing. Here’s how you can brew it to savour the best flavours:

  • Try not to use a microwave for heating the water. It is recommended to use a teapot or kettle for best results.
  • Do not add tea leaves to the water. Rather, it is the other way round. Pour boiling/hot water as per the required temperature on tea leaves.
  • While steeping, make sure that you submerge the pyramid tea infuser completely beneath the water. This allows the leaves to unfurl properly.
  • After 3-5 minutes, once steeping is finished, you can remove the infuser.
  • For tea bags, avoid squeezing them as it can add bitterness to its taste.
  • Finally, pour the tea into your cup and enjoy.

The steeping methods may vary a little with changing flavours and types of sweet tea.

Recommended intake: Not more than 3-4 cups a day, but that too considering the health of the individual.

Calorie content: 130 mg for every glass/cup.

Caffeine content: 3 mg for every glass/cup.