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Teazak Floral Flavors

The floral tea unfurls the most exquisite way revealing the floral delight. It is not just about their unique taste but also the blooming health benefits they have in store for you. For the ultimately pleasant experience and to savour every sip, it is a good idea to experiment with the steeping time and the brewing process. At Fernweh Agro, you can buy some delightful floral teas from the online store. Some of the flavours include lavender, jasmine pearl, Chiang Mai blue tea, among many others.

Steeping Notes:

The basic instructions to brew floral tea are as follows:

  • Heat the teapot. Use a wide one to provide enough room for the unfurling of petals and buds with the infusion of flavours.
  • Next, add 2-3 grams or a pyramid teaspoon for every cup of water.
  • Let the water boil to a rolling temperature of 212℉. To this boiling water, add tea leaves.
  • Allow this to sit for 3-4 minutes for the flavours to steep in well.
  • Then, strain the tea leaves from the tea, and savour the refreshing cup of tea.
  • You can also add sugar or honey according to your liking, as additional sweeteners.

Recommended intake: Two cups in a day.

Calorie content: They are almost negligible, somewhere between 2-3 calories in a cup.

Caffeine content: No caffeine content.