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Teazak Ethnic Flavors

The first name that pops up on our minds when talking of ethnic beverages is tea. From kickstarting your day to relaxing your body and mind, a cup of tea can do wonders. It is produced in many regions across the globe. However, the most popular being the ones in Asian regions, especially India. Darjeeling and Assam account for massive tea production and supply, being loved by all, worldwide. At Fernweh Agro, we do not let you settle for less. With the amazing variety to choose from including organic tea to the flavoured ones, you can buy all of these from our online store conveniently.

Types of ethnic tea

With different terrains, climate and geography, the tea production varies. The ethnic tea is significantly produced in the Assam and Darjeeling regions of India. Here are all the types of popular teas in India you need to know about:

  • Green tea: Being one of the healthiest teas, green tea is consumed regularly by many. It is not just about the energizing flavour but also the health benefits associated with it makes it popular.
  • Black tea: Yet another tea produced mainly in Darjeeling and Assam, it is known for its robust flavours.
  • White tea: It is made from the immature tea leaves and buds, it is one among the most prized teas. Oolong tea is a type of white tea.
  • Herbal tea: The name justifies it all. It acts as a substitute for medicinal properties and is known since the age of Ayurveda.
  • Chai tea:  It is made with milk and black tea, it surely is known for its appetizing taste and traditional flavours it is served in.