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Teazak Flavors

One of the most prized characteristics of tea is its appetizing flavours. The wide array of flavours vary according to the processing, climate, geography and many other factors. However, tea is flavoured in various natural ways and not just using some fruits and flowers. At Fernweh Agro, you can buy a wide range of flavours online. Some of these include citrus, sweet, herbal, floral, ethnic, mint/frosted tea, etc.

Types of processes of tea flavouring:

The ways in which tea is flavoured includes:

  • Inclusions: They are dried fruits, species or herbs which are included in the tea for a light flavour or enhancement of visual representation.
  • Extracts: These are flavouring agents. They are extracted in the form of essential oils carrying distinctive flavours obtained from the fruits, flavours, flowers, etc. For e.g., lemon peel oil or some complex method includes vanilla beans soaked in alcohol.
  • Natural-identical flavouring agents: They are obtained through chemical synthesis from natural substances. These flavouring agents are comparatively less expensive and more stable than the natural flavouring extracts.
  • Artificial flavours: These are made by reciprocating the chemical structure of natural substances. This allows it to create an intense flavour.

The strength of the flavours so used for tea varies somewhere between 0.5% to 5%. Further, each of these teas has separate methods of preparation and brewing to experience the exquisite taste.