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About Teazak

Just like any other staple food, tea is the staple drink across the Globe. However, its production is limited to a few countries, most of it being the south-Asian regions of Darjeeling and Assam. Nothing is more soothing than a cup of hot tea just to give yourself a break and relax. At Fernweh Agro, we offer a versatile range of tea with the right blend of fruit and floral flavours to give a delightful taste. You can buy these online at our store and just savour every sip.


Types of teazak:

While loose leaves are a preferred option as they hold the richness of flavours which unfurl during the brewing process. However, teazak (teabags) are equally good, if steeped properly. The category of loose leaves and teazak is pretty similar. So, here are the most famous types of teas:

  • Black tea: It is the strongest tea among all due to its robust flavours. Not just that, it also has a high-caffeine content and is consumed all throughout the year.
  • White tea: A non-processed and naturally oxidised tea, it has a light fruity and floral aroma. It has medium caffeine content.
  • Green tea: One of the most popular teas known for its health benefits, it undergoes the least oxidation. Not just that, it is also delicious and has a light delectable taste.
  • Oolong tea: Not a very popular one, but surely among the prized ones. It undergoes partial oxidation and has light flavours with low-medium caffeine content.
  • Chai: The most popular and consumed organic type of tea in India, it is the infusion of milk along with traditional spices. With an ample choice of flavours, you can choose the one that you like the most.