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Types of tea

Depending on the style of processing, the tea is mainly of five types:

  • White Tea: It is not processed. We obtain it from the new-grown buds. Made in the most organic way, they have a delicate flavour and aroma. They are produced with minimalistic handling.
  • Green Tea: It is treated with heat to prevent oxidation and is among the most commonly heard teas. It has less caffeine compared to green tea. It has several health benefits in the list that it offers which include metabolism, maintaining cholesterol levels among several others.
  • Oolong Tea: It is produced with a partial oxidation method. It has several variations in flavour and generally has a greenish or brownish colour. It is loaded with several antioxidants offering health benefits. 
  • Black Tea: It has the highest amount of caffeine and is fully oxidized. It is produced using the complete procedures. It comes in several strong flavours. 


Along with this, you can get fruit tea for some additional flavours, in both loose-leaf and tea bag options.