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Buy tea from a wide gamut of options available online at Fernweh Agro. We offer you high-grade tea from the lush green fields of India to kickstart your day with the perfect blend of flavours. India is among the top producers of tea globally along with China. While a majority of tea produced in India is consumed in the country itself, they also export a substantial part. Earlier, there was a production of only black tea. The tea plant grows in high-moisture regions making the wetter parts of the country suitable for tea plantation.


Types of tea

With the growth in production, the types of tea have expanded to:

Green tea

Black tea

Oolong tea

White tea


Regions for the production of tea

The major and best-known regions of tea production of Indian tea are:

  • Darjeeling: With the unique taste it offers, the best quality and most expensive tea across the world is from Darjeeling. They make it through the slow and traditional process, increasing its worth and exclusivity. The production cost itself is five times more than other methods. It is exported internationally.
  • Assam: The rich soil conditions, ample rainfall, and its suitable climate lead to the production of finest-quality loose tea-leaf. The loose-leaf grown in this region has a strong aroma and taste.
  • Nilgiri: It caters to about 10-20% of the total production of tea globally. With an exquisite aroma and delicate flavour, this tea is one to relish on. It is one of the most distinctive teas with superlative flavours.