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About Sweet

Buy both loose tea and tea bags online at Fernweh Agro. if you just want to ease out your mind and enjoy a refreshing cup of tea, sweet tea is to the rescue. Just casually sitting out in the verandah, with your cup of refreshing sweet tea makes up for the perfect time. It is a flavoured tea with a good amount of sugar and calorie content. Even though it is made from black tea, you need to choose wisely whether you want sweet tea or the unsweetened one to suit your requirements. Unlike green tea, it is rich in sugar and calorie content.



While it is no healthy food, but, it does have several benefits to list down. These include:

  • Hydration: Even though there are myths that caffeine causes dehydration, it is not the case. By having a good amount of sweet tea allows you to keep your body hydrated.
  • Protects your teeth: Tea changes the pH level which helps in the prevention of cavities. Like other soda beverages, it does no harm to the teeth.
  • Helps in fighting cancer: There have been varying levels of success associated with cancer that this tea plays.
  • Stress buster: The sweet tea enriched with antioxidants acts as a great stress buster for the mind and body. The people who drink tea occasionally are found to have lower cortisol levels.