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About Flavors

Buy the refreshing flavoured tea online at Fernweh Agro, and choose what suits you the best. Are you a tea lover? Have you experienced flavoured tea yet? If not, you are missing out on an enormous chunk of some refreshing flavours to appetize your taste buds and fall in love with the taste of tea even more. But, we at Fernweh Agro assure you to provide you with completely natural and organic flavours.



Made with the blend of the right amount of fruits or spices or flowers for a unique taste.



These are available in both forms, tea bags and loose-leaf. Each of them has its own benefits. While tea bags are convenient to use and can be brewed easily in a few minutes, loose tea leaves retain the authenticity of the flavour and are preferred by many. The loose leaves do not affect the taste. The method of brewing tea varies according to the flavour, it can be brewed both with water and milk.


Types of flavours

There are several types of flavours that are the perfect addition to tea. These include:

  • Spices: These are added in minuscule quantities. Some of these include cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. They add a tinge of flavour to your tea and have added health benefits.
  • Flowers: The aroma and flavours are the perfect addition. When it is blended well, it adds fragrance and can be added to both black and white tea varieties.
  • Herbs: Mint and basil are supremely refreshing and add a light flavour to the tea.
  • Fruits: Lemon and dried fruit add the tangy twist to your tea.