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Buy Loose Leaf Tea Online

Loose leaf tea is a pinnacle of quality. We at Fernweh Agro,  have made sure to keep the natural aroma and taste of loose tea leaves intact. Unlike many others, Fernweh Agro’s loose tea leaves come in handy tea sachets wherein each cup is packed separately, so you can enjoy same freshness in each cup. For preparing this tea, strain-well using an infuser or strainer or some other method.


Loose leaf tea has several health benefits without added flavour and freshness. serve the following health benefits:

  • Relief from stress.
  • Keeping the heart, liver, brain, and digestive system in good health.
  • Prevention of flu, cold, and cancer.
  • Have several antibacterial properties.
  • It contains vitamins, minerals, and some level of antioxidants.


You can always add creativity while making tea to meet your taste and liking of tea. The various types of loose tea leaves include: Green tea, Oolong tea, Black tea, White tea, Herbal tea

You can easily buy fresh and organically produced loose tea leaves online at Fernweh Agro. These are available in a wide range and affordable prices. The loose tea leaves offer the right blend of flavours for a perfect cup of tea.