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9 Items results

Buy coffee online at Fernweh Agro from some of the finest selection coffees with aromatic notes of cocoa and dark chocolate, Fernweh Agro’s coffee collection is a multivariate offering for year-round consumption. We put in a resounding work into orchestrating the collection to deliver an unparalleled black coffee palette experience. The new coffee collection is made using premium roasted coffee beans, housing expressions of Arabica & Robusta blends from slective Indian Coffee Estates.

As a practice of paying extra attention to the details to offer the best of flavors, we select high-quality coffee beans for the entire collection but process them in small batches. This way, we ensure uniform quality and taste in every packet that we serve. Our instant coffees packaged in different sizes offer a versatile expedition to the coffee lovers by allowing the pleasure of consuming both hot coffee and cold coffee.

Fernweh Agro works earnestly throughout the sourcing process to produce a quality finish through selective harvesting, centralized processing, drying, milling, cupping, roasting, and grinding. And we hope you love our coffee collection of intrinsic flavors which includes King’s Classic Instant Coffee, Originals Instant Coffee, Aventure Gold Instant Coffee, Coffee powder, Filter Coffee, Cold Coffee at best prices.

Thanks to a collaboration between the finest of medium roasted beans and emphatic sourcing, you can now enjoy your morning coffee in style by simply adding hot water to get a sparkling black beverage in a few seconds. Experience the different stages of love shared from the start to the finished product- a long and passionate journey right from the raw coffee beans to farmers to roasters to baristas; just to get to you.


Selection Note: Bright acidity with medium to good body and soft cocoa aroma with dark chocolate taste, reflecting the rich characters of high-grown arabica and robusta beans.