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Bleu Amor (Tea Bag)

Bleu Amor is an exotic tea that positively imprints itself on your health. Within no time, made with butterfly pea flower this charming blue tea will become your skin’s best friend. Let the tea kiss your skin with anti-aging and antioxidant properties as it gathers and enhances your beauty!


Contains : 20 Cups


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  • Description

    Lending a beautiful burst of hypnotising color with health-loving components and soul-quenching flavors.

    Bleu Amor Tea composes a portrait of floral, earthy-woody, and spicy flavours. The melange of these flavours is complemented with the visual aesthetics of electric-indigo hues. Weighing the flavour notes, the tea partials towards earthy profile owing to the primary infusion of butterfly pea flower. It is also surrounded by green mango, cinnamon, black pepper, stevia leaf, and fennel extracts. Blue Amor by Fernweh Agro is rich in antioxidants and contains medicinal properties.


    Indigo tone of the liquor.



    Floral lemony aroma.

    Tasting Notes:

    Liquor enriched with the lemony floral aroma instigates a refreshing coolness whirling through the palate, fostering piquant citric flavour blending into the delectable floral tone. Swirling across with a silky note the liquor soothes the palate, while a refreshing frosty savour lingers around for a while.

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