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Black Tea Collection (Tea Bag)

A handsome collection of Indian Black Tea from Darjeeling & Assam - trade your drowsy mornings with the deliciousness of a deep and captivating cup of black tea sample box! A perfect Gift box for your loved ones.


Contains : 20 Cups


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    indian black tea sample gift box

  • Description

    Black Tea Collection is the perfect pick for high-spirited individuals looking for a strong and gratifying beverage. Fernweh Agro's black teas are full-bodied, robust, and adventurous. They carry the classic characters of Assam & Darjeeling teas along with other exotic flavors.

    To further enhance the profile, Fernweh Agro brings about a brand twist by infusing different ingredients that genuinely compliment each other. The collection is surrounded by Organic Black Tea,Organic First Flush Tea, Organic Second Flush Tea, Aamras Tea, Rose Delight Tea, Maghrebi Mint Tea, Organic Moondrop Tea, and Organic Moonlight Tea. These flavors justify the strength, vigour, and energy of black teas. They are perfect for both gifting and personal consumption!


    Why Black Tea Collection?

    Black teas help in reducing the risks of health discomforts. Given the high antioxidants and nutrients, a disciplined consumption of black tea may help in improving the gut health, reducing blood pressure, lowering of bad cholesterol, and more.

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    black tea gift box collection

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