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Ayurvedic Healing Green Tea (Loose leaf)

Ancient world elixir in a hot cup of tea- Ayurvedic Tea with healing, immunity boosting and weight loss properties embraces the mind and the body to strike the right harmony. Drink this healing tea to soothingly wed your emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Helps tackle diabetes.


Contains : 20 Cups


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    Ayurvedic Healing Green Tea is not only filled with healing properties, but it also comes with the oldest medicinal symbolisms. The tea is an herbal infusion of turmeric, black pepper, ashwagandha, rooibos, clove, ginger, tulsi, liquorice, and organic green tea to represent peaceful longevity of Ayurveda culture.

    This healing green tea by Fernweh Agro is full of healing remedies. It has a spicy-citrusy aroma with mildly pungent undertones and gives out a radiant Tuscany shade. A natural weight loss tea with immunity-boosting elements for an upgraded version of health and wellness. 



    Tuscany Liquor.



    Cedar like aroma infused with the Turmeric scent.

    Tasting Notes:

    Cedarn like aroma infused with the serene scent of Turmeric hails the senses. Slugging the first sip it confers the vigorous savour of Turmeric leisurely giving an arboreous and astringent taste. The liquor trickles with a pleasant sweet note towards the end proffering the healing Tulsi flavour ambling for a while.

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