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Aventure Gold Instant Coffee | 60 gm

Unwind the stiffs in an instant with a cup of golden coffee. Fernweh Agro’s Aventure Gold Instant Coffee offerings of roasty aroma, toasty notes, and charming visuals rings the bells of the palate and leaves a refreshing satisfaction. Feel a sophisticated kind of brand new as you indulge in the pleasure of the hot/iced brew!



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    Aventure Gold Instant Coffee unveiled by Fernweh Agro is made from fine blends of Arabica & Robusta beans. It bears medium body, bright palate notes, and rich, smooth finish.

    The beverage is a delicious offering that can be taken as a hot cup of classic coffee or as a cold brew- acknowledging the love of all the coffee lovers. Lending toasty notes, reflecting intense appearance and inducing dark roast aroma, this instant black coffee features as a celebratory beverage.

    Formulated with freeze-dried coffee at a temperature as low as -60 degrees celsius, Aventure Gold Instant Coffee is packed with maximum flavors- smooth finish with just the right amount of bitterness for fulfilling the awakening of the senses and energizing of the palate.

    Aventure Gold Instant Coffee by Fernweh Agro offers yet another creative take on thetraditional form coffees alongside King’s Classic Instant Coffee and Originals InstantCoffee.


    Place of origin: Handpicked from the coffee farms of India.

    Roast: Medium Roast, Blend of Arabica & Robusta Beans

    Cupping Notes: Slightly cocoa notes with dark chocolate taste.

    Body: Medium to good body, fair plus acidity, fair plus aroma, sweet and round

    Brewing Method: Add a tablespoon of coffee in 100ml of hot water/ milk.

    Add sugar or honey as desired*

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