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Afrikaans Rooibos Tea (Tea Bag)

African Rooibos Tea Is a blend of rich, malty, and caffeine-free drink with weight loss properties. A perfect cup of adventure to kick-start the morning blues. Afrikaans Rooibos Tea is an extraordinary herbal tea drink that showers your health with bliss.


Contains : 20 Cups


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  • Ingredients


  • Steeping Notes

    rooibos tea at best price

  • Description

    Hosting a bountiful supply of health benefits- A perfect surprise for the senses!

    Afrikaans Rooibos Tea comes as a coral tone beauty with the profile of sweet and earthy flavors. The tea is encircled with rooibos, organic green tea, stevia leaf, avocado, cashews, fennel, ashwagandha, beetroot, watermelon, plum, and almond. Rooibos Tea by Fernweh Agro quakes with healing credibilities. It patterns a nutty note on the tongue, visuals a warm coral tone, and lends a calming aroma to the senses. The rich concentration of antioxidants along with other blissful properties makes it a very special beverage.

    Allergen Advice:

    This product contains Avocado, Cashews and Almonds.



    The liquor exhibits a Coral Tone.



    Proliferating Floral Aroma with the profound Green Tea character.

    Tasting Notes:

    Proliferating the Floral aroma enriching the character of Green Tea, the liquor unfurls a nutty tone grazing the palate softly. Liquor gradually escalates a pleasant flavor of Forest engrossed with the Rich Green Tea character towards the end, leaving a novel freshness ambling over the palate.

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    Afrikaans Rooibos

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