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Welcome to Fernweh Agro

We at Fernweh are wanderers, passionately in love with tea. Try our amazing collection of Tea to know us better. Life is an adventure, let new blends keep coming to your cup.

About Us - Fernweh Agro
About Us - Fernweh Agro
About Us - Fernweh Agro
About Us - Fernweh Agro

Fernweh’s tea is a truly amazing product with no added flavors. Each of their tea has its unique taste and aroma which is the best thing about them.

Jerry Hansen

/ Customer


We have traveled around the globe to find you the perfect tea blends, so now you can enjoy experiencing your favorite travel destination within a cup of Tea.

Fresh Fruits

We only use the freshest fruits after complete quality inspection to give our customers the true experience they deserve. Nothing rancid goes into the process of tea making.

Nothing Artificial

We do not add any fake flavor, aroma or preservatives in any of our products. All our products are free from artificial ingredients.

About Us - Fernweh Agro

Sweet Not Sugary

Our creations taste better without sugar but that does not mean we will let you miss the sweet taste, Our tea is sweet without any added sugar.

Ethically Sourced

All raw materials used in production at Fernweh are ethically sourced from around the world. We support small farmers and applaud their efforts to serve us.

Keeping It Natural

We keep our whole process natural by using 100% natural and fibrous ways for tea production. We serve only the best for you.


-The best services for you-

Traditional Blends

We have created a range of mesmerizing ethnic blends from all over the world to let our customers experience taste and texture from around the globe.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We use zero plastic in our packaging and all of our packagings are completely biodegradable. We care for Mother Nature.

Fast Shipping

We package and ship orders within 24-48 hours and offer 5-7 day worldwide delivery. We work to get you your product as fast as possible.

Customer Input

We care for our customer needs and demands, hence value customer input the most. We create new blends and tastes for customer-specific demands.