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-45 Degree Blue Tea (Loose leaf)

-45 Degree Blue Tea is lagoon of ice, a volcanic mint drink freezing the best moments of your experience with tea. This electric butterfly pea flower tea ringing loud with the ambiance of polar winds will vanquish any fire by turning it into a soothing castle of ice.



Contains : 20 Cups



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  • Ingredients

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  • Steeping Notes

  • Description

    Locks the palate in ice with a cooling explosion dressed in beautiful hues of dark cyan.

    -45 Degree Blue Tea is a freezing medley of minty and earthy flavors. Steeped in this looseleaf beverage kindles the feeling of rocky shores gushing with winter breeze. It is just the perfect treat to add to the hot weather days.

    Mint blue tea by Fernweh Agro reflects the concept of cool summer and hot season cheer. The infusion of butterfly pea flowers, peppermint, spearmint, fennel, and stevia leaf perforates the palate with frosty excursions and cooling aroma. The visual of the tea impressions the revitalizing hues of teal blue. This tea is massively admired for its scrumptious taste and health benefit properties.





    The liquor exhibits the Teal tone.



    The profound sweet mint aroma.

    Tasting Notes:

    Enriched with the profound minty aroma dawdling the olfaction enhancing the icy freshness throughout, the liquor reveals appealing coolness, swirling across the palate with tender minty delectation leading with a frosty touch towards the ending note, while a delightful arctic essence lingers around for a while. 


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